Milan Design Week
April 2020

Rethink! is the very first Italian Festival dedicated to Service Design.
Rethink! brings together

Rethink! encourages critical thinking on service innovation, by connecting service design players from all over the world.

Designing Transitions

The growth model, operational schemes, social and political actions
that characterized previous generations are experiencing a deep crisis that imposes a different perception of the relationship between global causes and local fallout. The controversial scenarios answering to the contemporary challenges prefigure a dialectical tension between the incremental resolution of the challenges to be implemented here and now on a small scale, and those on a systemic and global scale that prefigure a radical change.

The emphasis is on the urgency of proposing radical solutions for the environment and the common goods that have governed the daily lives of the planet's people. Reflecting for example on the usage and energy distribution, new mobility means, the adoption of circular processes, rethinking the use of technology, as well as new mechanisms of inclusion and social justice. In order to respond proactively to the sudden changes that are taking place in our world with a speed previously unthinkable, it is necessary to radically rethink economic models and value production, the adoption of technology, processes of participation, communication and use of data, new forms of collaboration and solidarity.

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