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October 6, 2020

18:00 — 19:00⁠

Online event

Alessandro Confetti

Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks Italy

Linda Lombi

Health Sociologist

Margherita Masciariello

Senior Digital Experience Designer at PwC Italy

A team of Politecnico di Milano researchers performed a qualitative research on the Milanese territory in order to understand how citizens lived during the lockdown and how they are confronting with the transition towards "a new normality". The insights from the inquiry will be presented, a starting point for a reflection on the real citizens' needs and organizations' ability to answer adequately to the new requirements. Vox Populi is thus the tale of daily-life recounts, varying in social context, work fields and personal habits. The event comprises three phases: a presentation of the research synthesis, the interpretation and comment of three experts who will intertwine social, design and technological aspects, and a collective reflection on how to turn these insights into design proposals.

Alessandro Confetti
Alessandro Confetti started writing software at age fourteen and, in the meantime, studied philosophy, focusing mainly on logic and language. Even before joining ThoughtWorks in 2017, he has always been interested in the intersections and interactions between computers and humans, and how to leverage technology and information for the good of everyone. Now as Tech Principal, he focuses on helping large organizations make sense of their legacy software and data, finding new ways to meet the needs of their customers. From 2019, he teaches service design as adjunct professor at the Politecnico of Milan. When not consulting or teaching, he's passionate about speaking at international conferences about the decentralized web.

Linda Lombi
Linda Lombi, Ph.D, is a Senior researcher at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan), where she teaches Sociology and Digital Health. Her research focusses on: health promotion, digital health, participatory medicine, patient engagement, health services co-creation.

Margherita Masciariello
An unconventional path brings Margherita closer to the world of Design. It is during her studies in Astrophysics that she pursues her passion for scientific dissemination and innovation, that led her to experiment with new knowledge sharing solutions in the digital world. She follows a path of more than 10 years as a professional in the field of Experience Design and communication. Her first step on this path begins by collaborating with Universities research teams engaged in the study of digital platforms and new training models for learning disabilities. It’s here that she understands that her work can have a greater impact on people's lives if applied in the world of Civic Service Design. It’s in Digital Healthcare, in particular, that she finds the perfect sandbox where to experiment with data driven approaches to the design strategy and definition of services that are today used by millions of citizens. Margherita, today covers the role of Design Lead within the Experience Consulting practice in PwC Italy.

Event in Italian

19:15 — 20:00 ⁠

Expert workshop

Wrap up and future directions


The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our ways of living, working, socialize. From a design perspective, this crisis should be interpreted as a chance of rethinking about the future, the innovation and interaction models, on small and large scale, using methods that incorporate bottom-up and top-down approaches. The answers have to be multifaceted, varied and apt to the new needs and priorities, both of citizens and public/private organizations.