Rethink! Service Design Stories

Rethink! Is the very first Festival dedicated to service design and innovation in Italy.

The Festival consists of a series of initiatives on service design. It creates relationships and enhances participation in service design innovation processes. Companies, businesses, universities, experts, opinion leaders, design agencies are the protagonists of Rethink!.


The initiative is produced by –Politecnico di Milano and the Service Innovation Academy, in collaboration with other private partners.


Rethink! program is made of meetings, debates, conferences, workshop that involve experts from different fields.

They all come together to reflect on cutting-edge topics of collective interest linked to different areas of application, belonging to both the private and the public service sectors.

Why Rethink!

The aim of the Festival is to build a national public arena where Italian Service Design actors can meet, talk and create a network within the international system. The purpose is to let businesses and institutions develop a critical thinking on service innovation.

Rethink! activates and enhances relationships among designers, companies, the Public Administration, regulation authorities and policy makers.

Rethink! triggers conversations and real actions involving a big audience
and experts in the field.


The protagonists

The main purpose is to involve both the national and the international Service Design ecosystem:

  • firms, agencies, and consultancies;
  • profit and nonprofit organizations which are now changing their management structure or transforming their own offer;
  • designers and their multidisciplinary networks involved in designing and prototyping services;
  • startups interested in social, technological, and process innovation;
  • public institutions facing changes in their relationship with citizens.