Rethink! Service Design Stories

Rethink! is the first Italian festival dedicated to service design and service innovation. Designers, companies and institutions get together in a series of initiatives, debates and talks revolving around service design. It is a major cultural initiative linked to the Milan Design Week in April and the Milan Fall Design Week in October.

Rethink! shares ideas and stories on cutting-edge service design topics to prompt discussion and real actions among the players involved.


Rethink! consists of meetings, debates, conferences, workshops, exhibitions among the protagonists of service design and experts from different fields. These all come together to reflect on major topics of general interest relating to the different fields of both private and public services.

Why Rethink!

The aim of the festival is to build a national public arena where Italian service design players can meet, talk and network within the international system. The purpose is to help businesses and institutions develop critical thinking about service innovation.


The protagonists

Rethink! involves the national and the international service design ecosystem made up of citizens and communities, that is:

  • firms, agencies and consultancies,
  • profit and non-profit organizations,
  • designers and their multidisciplinary networks,
  • public institutions.