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PwC is an international network, leader in professional services for enterprises. The mission of PwC is to create the value that clients and people seek, through the development of solid relationships founded on collaboration, quality of service, integrity and mutual respect. PwC is present in 158 countries, with over 250000 professionals employed to give innovative and quality answers to the complex issues of client companies. In Italy there are more than 5200 employed people in 24 cities. PwC offers a wide range of services in an integrated and multi-disciplinary way. The great strength of its network is the ability to combine the knowledge of local markets to a global organization.

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Brera Design District is a brand that fosters the commercial and cultural development of the Brera district in Milan. Through its work and dialogue with different players in the area and thanks to the support of partners and sponsors, Brera Design District has reinforced its role, becoming a reference in the design world.


Studiolabo offers consultancy services, design and graphic execution on different media and it is involved in the production of artistic and cultural events. and Brera Design District are some of the projects realized by the studio.


LifeGate is a benefit society that engages a community of over 6 million people who are passionate and interested in sustainability issues. LifeGate works with passion and determination to provide information, projects and services, involving a growing network of people, companies, NGOs, institutions that want to actively be engaged in the change for a sustainable future.

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Superbello is a digital marketing agency that supports companies in Video, Live Streaming, Content Marketing production and in creating digital strategies for multi-channel communication.

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Regione Lombardia promotes initiatives, announcements, services and opportunities for citizens, businesses, institutions and operators.


sia-logo is an international reference for post-graduate training, it offers over 50 University Masters and Advanced Training Courses in design, addressed to young graduates and professionals.

Service Innovation Academy is a research and development center that uses skills, experiences and relationships established in the Master in Service Design network to help private and public organization to develop ideas and ad hoc solutions outside the educational environment.

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Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university that trains engineers, architects and designers. The University has always been focused on quality and innovation in education and research, developing a strong relationship with the economic and productive reality through experimental research and technology transfer.